Ways To Make Money Online – Ebates review

Ebates review

With online shopping on the rise for the past decade, chances are that you are one of the people making at least some of their buys online; with so many choices and tools to compare prices, websites and mobile applications, smarter decisions can be made to get the best of your purchases. While most people are already familiar with cash back credit cards, one of the best secrets of online shopping is yet to be discovered by many in Ebates, a great way to earn even more from your online shopping and ultimately even earning money online.

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a company founded in 1998 by two Silicon Valley attorneys that has been gaining more and more popularity ever since and for a very good reason. Ebates is affiliated with more than 1700 online stores and being a member gives you the opportunity to earn between 1% and 10% back on your online purchases made thru them.

Is Ebates a scam?

Many are skeptical on how this system works and wondering if Ebates is a scam. I have been a member for a while now and I made a lot of money by making my online purchases thru them so I can tell you from personal experience for that it is indeed a legit business. This is one of the reasons why I decided to write this Ebates review. You get detailed reports in your email every day about the commissions you make and they are very precise. They always pay on time, 4 times a year, via check, Paypal or bank transfer.

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How Ebates works?

EBates is one of the smartest business ideas as it takes maximum advantage of the affiliate programs most of the online stores already offer to advertisers, bloggers or websites owners who get targeted traffic and can attract buyers to their stores. Every time a buyer makes a purchase thru such an affiliated site, the store pays the site owner a commission. Basically eBates is a large-scale affiliate willing to share their commission with their members; this alone makes it a magnet for buyers that, after they become members for free, can access the store of their choice from their eBates account; it’s like becoming an affiliate of an affiliated site without any hassle. With so many stores eBates is affiliated with, chances are the store you want to make purchases from is in their directory. Ebates makes easier to use their program with the eBates Cash Back Button that can be installed on the browser of your choice; it will prompt you to use eBates each time you shop.

How to earn money online with eBates

With more and more people interested how to make money fast, another way to earn money with Ebates by referring people to become members by using the unique link provided to you once you become a member in the “tell a friend” section. Aside of promotional offers and bonuses, you get $5 for new members that make at least a $25 purchase at any point of their membership. You can use your link to invite friends on Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels to join Ebates. Also you can promote it on your blog or on email signature; anyone who will join via your link will bring you some extra money in your Ebates account.
If you are not the person in charge of buying supplies for your company now you may want to become the one doing it- this is a great chance to make some extra bucks – all you have to do is access the site where you get your stuff from via Ebates (for example-Office Depot currently offers 4% back).
Offer to make purchases for events, social clubs or communities – you don’t have to necessarily use your credit card- only make the purchases via your Ebates account.

While you will likely not make a living of it, making money or getting cash back with this website is easy and honestly there is no good reason why you would not use it. Not a member? Become a member now! Are you a member already? Tell us about your experience!Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


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