September 7, 2023

Terapeak – Better Know What To Sell Online

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Terapeak review


Whether you are looking to launch your product online or simply looking for niche to get involved in when starting your own business online it’s best to better know the market as a whole and narrow down your options to what best fits your goals. Knowing the best things to sell online is an advantage you want to have over your competitors. Terapeak is one of the most popular tools that will give you a deep insight on three of the most popular eCommerce platforms today: eBay, Amazon or Magento. Even you may not be interested in using any of these in your online business quest it is still worth trying this tool to get an idea on how and what sells, to better develop your selling strategies to commercialize your product.

Is It worth It?

Terapeak offers a free 1-week trial and a couple plans of subscribing to their service. As an eBay seller for years I subscribed to Terapeak on and off as I found it to be useful in many ways, mainly to know my competition. In my case I had a product to sell and subscribing to this service helped me improving my strategy to sell my product on eBay. However, this is only a fraction of what you can get with this service. Trying it for at least a month is a no brainer from my point of view, especially when you’re able to make up your mind within the 1-week trial period. Terapeak is not only a great eBay selling tool but a great way to know the market in general.


What you get with Terapeak

On the basic level that is actually free you can connect your eBay or Amazon store account and get statistics on how your business is performing. On a subscriber level you will be able to get some deep insights on your competition and on how products sell.

Find a hot product– you can search for the hottest products on every category to get an idea on what people look for and for what price. You can see which are the best sellers for particular items, how many they sold in a certain period of time and more.

Find a hot category– Terapeak is evaluating each category of items which color tags that tell you how popular are, which is a great tool in knowing what people look for and what niche is worth investing in.

See how certain products perform– when you have a product that you want to sell online you must first see how it sells, for what price and who is your main competition. It will help you with your selling strategy online, to maximize your profits for your item.

Know your competition- my favorite Terapeak tool is the insight given on your competition. Regardless on what items you may sell on eBay or Amazon you will likely have some competition, fierce in many cases. With Terapeak you are able to get some detailed information on other sellers such as what sales they had in a certain period of time, what items they sell best, how much they sold each day of the week, at what time and so forth. Another great info offered is the words used for the titles of the items that perform best.

Product trending sales 

With Terapeak you can also follow trends on certain items you may be interested to sell. If you have your eyes on a product you can see if its popularity is growing or fading on a period of time that you have control over. This is another great tool that can help you choose the right products to sell online.


It’s important to understand the data Terapeak is offering you; in most cases the products you may be interested to sell will likely have a solid presence on the market and sellers that are dominating the niche. This does not have to discourage you from persuading that lead. From my own experience of selling on eBay for more than five years I can tell you for a fact that you can still sell items and make a profit even if your price may be slightly higher than your competition.

For example many people are disheartened by the fact that most products available from China in wholesale already sell online for a super low price and there is no room for profit. In the case of items under $5 that may be the case and it’s better to avoid but if you do your research on Terapeak and use the best tools to sell you will still be able to make money online. Many buyers are not interested to buy from overseas from different reasons, whether because of the delivery time frame or just because they trust US sellers more.

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